Montag, September 10, 2007

IA Tool development - challanges for new notations (E)

(Image: IA Tool Development, Spirit Link)

At Spirit Link we recently developed a new version of our IA Tools for research, analysis and concept documentation. The goal was to develop a first tool version that supports the project process throughout all phases. It was my pleasure to lead the tool development after a evaluation process (in phase 1) which helped us to decide about the appropriate tool itself and the tool requirements for this version V1.0.

In the IA community you can listen and read a lot of tool discussions since a while. It is strongly requested that we develop and use new tools and notations that are up to date for our daily challenges. The reasons are obvious:
  • Evolving technologies like AJAX and RIAs challenge us and the documents we communicate with all stakeholders
  • The growing need to simulate the digital solution way before the development phase
  • A drive for efficiency and rapid development
So what are the next steps regarding IA Tool developments for upcoming versions?
  • Visualisation of the user scenarios(use cases) to communicate them with stakeholders
  • Documentation of the different status/views of a dynamic system
  • Simulation of the user-system interaction
  • Support rapid development
  • Dokumentation of the data
What challenges with IA tools do you face in your daily life? Please, give me your feedback

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