Freitag, September 15, 2006

IA Voice - Podcast Interviews with Information Architects (E)

We are reading Books on Information Architecture since years now. The inspirations and ideas of authors like Peter Morville, Louis Rosenfeld, Jesse James Garrett or Christina Wodtke became probably even part of our own daily workflow and routine.
But who are these people, what are their own challenges, IA methods or where do they see the field of Information Architecture tending in the near fiuture?
IA Voice ( is an Interview Podcast Channel which exists since 2005 and allows you to listen to many interviews with IA Authors, interviews at the IA Summit or EURO IA conference and practicing IAs. Listeners have the options to listen through the browser, in iTunes or even download and listen to these interviews on an iPod or any other mp3-Player while being on the road. IA Voice also takes listeners feedback and comments as inspirations for new interviews. What do you think about IA Voice or in general podcast interviews with information architects?