Sonntag, Juni 10, 2007

User Centered Design - Workshop at Namahn (E)

(Images UCD Solutions: Namahn)

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I was invited recently to participate in a two days workshop, led by Tom Stevens, at the Namahn agency in Brussels. While I know already quite a bit about User Centered Design, Usability and IA I still learned a lot more about solutions and methods to solve Business Pains in this two days master class.

The following topics were learned to the master class participants:

  • User Centered Design as a discipline
The UCD process:
  • Field Study
  • Personas
  • User Requirements/Use Cases
  • Scenarios of Use
  • Conceptual Model
  • Conceptual Design
  • Mock-up
  • Graphic Design
  • Usability Test
  • Detailed Specification/ Style Guide
After the UCD process the class learned even more about the development process and the ROI which was important to know in order to use and implement these methods in the daily project workflows. Alltogether I'd recommend this master class to all people who are interested in the IA and UCD methodology.

What do you think about the UCD process?

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