Freitag, Juni 08, 2007

IA Magazine - suits not just for myself (E)

(Image: Wolf's IA Magazine)

A while ago I set up my own IA Magazine just for fun to syndicate usefull information about my favourite subject, Information Architecture (IA News, IA Job Offers, IA Bookmarks, Relevant IA info, IA Podcasts, IA Fotos, IAs in Europe, ...), into one comfortable overview for myself. I used Pageflakes (or alternatively: Netvibes)as a service platform which gives you the option to build your own website by adding so calles "flakes" to it. The palette of flakes offers quite interesting functionalities to receive relevant information from other platforms. I experienced that this IA Magazine works quite effective since the information suits my own information requirements just like a tailor-made suit.
And I experienced that the information is also appreciated by others. I'd like to know if you have made similar experiences with platforms like pageflakes. Where are they?

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