Samstag, Mai 05, 2007

IA Summit Key Session - Documenting RIAs (E)

(image: Presentation - "IA for rich interaction")
Designing RIAs(Rich Internet Applications) is a hot topic since the last couple of years. And IAs are facing quite some challenges in this movement of applications from static to more fluidly, dynamic applications(to present large amounts of data) in their strategic and conceptional work. The demand from the client side for RIAs is stronly increasing these days since Business sees the benefits to meet their high business goals concerning information structures.
During my stay at the IA Summit I visited three mayor sessions about strategies and documentaion of RIAs(And these are worth keeping in mind and may be usefull for RIA-IA projects in the near future):

  1. Everything old is new again: IA and RIA - you know more than you think you do
  • Some of the most recognizable attributes of RIAs: fluidity in behavior, speed in their responses, engaging in their appearance
  • Customer Experience is in the driver's seat
  • Design-Centric vs. System-Driven
  • RIA Notation.vss on the IA Institute website (see image on left)
  1. The living Design Document and ION: Documenting RIAs
  2. IA for rich interaction: Tools and techniques from the trenches
  • User types and complex interactions
  • Documenting user types
  • User Personas
  • User Type definition
  • Mapping user type
  • Mapping user type transitions
  • Adding user types to site maps/flows
  • ...
View the Presentations and tell me what you think :).

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