Donnerstag, März 29, 2007

IA Summit - Key Session - IA in the design process (E)

"Where does IA fit in the design process" was one session I'd label as an important "key session of the IA Summit 2007" because understanding this subject means a great impact in our daily user centered design life. It's interesting to notice that also in many other companies and agencies the concerning of IA in context of the design process seems quite modern. The presentations were held by Moderator: Peter Boersma. Panellists: Larisa Warnke, Peter Merholz, Livia Labate, Leisa Reichelt and Josh Seiden and their discussion topics were about...
  • IA deliverables,
  • IAs in the design team,
  • IAs in interdisziplinary teams,
  • comunication of IA processes to newbies and
  • how to improve design processes.
Here are the summaries that I took out of this panel session:
Lisa Reichelt - "Waterfall is bad - washing machine is good"

Livia Labate - "Balance user needs and business goals to conceive solutions which enable positive experience"
Peter Boersma - panel Moderator for following questions:
  • What is a design process?
  • Who needs a design process?
  • When should IAs be part of the design process?
  • Where do you keep your design process?
  • How do you communicate a design process?
  • Why should you create a design process?
Larisa Warnke - "Pictures of my process - 4 phases and 9 Disciplines"
Josh Seiden - " never the goal, ...makes our work visible, ...driven by project parameters and goals"
Peter Merholz

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