Samstag, März 24, 2007

Medical Usability (E)

In my search for some more IA berries I found this interesting german website labeled Medical Usability.
It caught my attraction since I'm always interested on the focus of other Usability Experts, IAs or UX Designers within a special market field. Peter Morville always mentiones the Medical oriented field in his books and speeches as a high performing and, at least in the US, an industry that uses IA and User Experience Design competence to strengthen their wordwide competitiveness.
Most of the US Healthcare Companies are in process or established already IA departments in order to drive process and workflow oriented strategies of their information environments.

Medical or Healthcare business, as one of the most growing markets and industries, certainly is a very potential field for IAs worldwide. What I'm finding worth reading in Ulf Schubert's blog Medical Usability is his focus on subjects like these:
- Search Form Usability
- Usability of Educational Websites
- Eyetracking
- Evaluating the ROI
- Search Mental Model
- Design Patterns
- Interaction Modeling
- User Experience
- Prototyping Tools
- User Oriented Design
- and many more ...

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