Sonntag, Januar 28, 2007

IA cherries on these new vision cakes (E)

See this movie demo(and close your eyes for the first few seconds).

Are you also getting these links from collegues and friends with great new interactive design visions? Here for example is a great one about "remapping the universe".

First I think(with my IA glases on), hey these ideas have a lot to do with Information Architecture. A lot of these visions would actually need semantic relations, classifications, meta data, usabiliy, tagging and so on in order to make it really happen what these nice interaction design visualisations are showing.

Interaction Design has found a great advantage though in visualising it's ideas. This means that the audience, especially the clients, see the benefit in terms of efficiency, fun, economic benefit etc. . It shows that good communication of a discipline has great leverage.

Then second it makes me a little wondering, if it's also possible to present IA (Research) Visions like that. I'm actually quite sure about it!

Any comments on this?

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